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The Hitman Absolution Guide – Part One

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Birdie’s gift

We’re fast forwarding a bit here, to end the first part on a fun note. Agent 47 has been without his iconic silverballer pistols for far too long, and he needs them back. They’re inside a gun shop, protected by a crotchety old man. He won’t hand ‘em over unless you complete a challenging gun battle on the target range, or you decide to go full psycho and murder everyone with a gun.

Or, you could use this method to get them;


At the back of the shop is a power switch. Sabotage it.


When the lights go out, wait for the clerk to leave to go fix them, and head past the counter. There’s a keycard here, so grab it.


Head into the back room, up the stairs and hop onto the balcony outside. Here, you need to keep low, as you’ll be in a trench on the actual firing range.


Follow the trench path, and you’ll find a bunker room, which you can use the keycard to enter.


Inside it are some more guns, such as a minigun, as well as the combination to a safe, written on a piece of paper. Grab that code.


Head back outside, follow the path to the exit, and hop into an open window on the far side when it no one is inside.


Open the safe, get the key, and exit through a vent.


Now go and reclaim your guns.

We’ll have more tips and tricks during the week guys. For now though, feel free to share any other secrets that you’ve found, as Hitman Absolution has plenty under the surface to offer fans.

Last Updated: November 27, 2012

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