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The Hitman Absolution Guide – Part One

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You’re in hostile territory now, so be on your guard, especially for those damn maids. Here’s how you can progress further;

Method 1

To the left of the elevator is a bathroom. Go into it.

Inside the bathroom is a vent, which you can use to reach the janitor’s room and disguise. There’s also a movie reel here. Grab it.


In the hallway with speakers, is a restricted area with speakers. Using the janitor costume will make it safe to proceed into it. Note that you don’t need this, but it will make things easier.



At the end of that hallway, is a vent which you can crawl through to get to the room of a shoe salesman. Sneak past him and the maid, and you can get a keycard on the stand.


And there you go. You can now use the keycard to get to the eighth floor.

Method 2

Enter the room where the guy is playing on a keyboard, and exit through the open window. Navigate your way to the fire escape, and you’ll find yourself one floor up. Easy.

When you’re on the eighth floor, you can climb outside again and use pipes to climb up further. Watch out for the guard by the window.


Go inside, pick the lock on the door, enter the vent on the side, and you’ll crawl your way to victory.


Last Updated: November 27, 2012

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