Hitman: Absolution will be easier for new gamers

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Hitman: Absolution will be easier for new gamers 2

In what looks like yet another dumbing down of a previous franchise the director behind Hitman: Absolution has told games.on.net that they have made the game easier for players to get into the game.

He does state that this doesn’t mean the game is actually easy but rather that they want the gamer to understand the game and make the right choices instead of just killing him.

Personally that sounds like hand holding to me but if that wasn’t scary enough he goes on to say

(players who) wanna play Rambo, now they can play Rambo better than ever before

Now Hitman was never my favourite game but I don’t remember it as a run and gun at all and while they are also promising a more indepth stealth gameplay I can’t help but feel they may have lost what made Hitman such a fan favourite.

Check out the video through the link above for all the info.

Via: VG247

Last Updated: June 23, 2011

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