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Hitman Elusive Target 22 arrives tomorrow

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Bookkeeper Hitman

I’m a bit of a bastard in Hitman. A little bit more than usual when compared to the shenanigans I get up to in real life, anyway. You see, my favourite experiment within Hitman lately revolves around murdering everybody and everything on the screen. It’s challenging stuff, but there’s a certain sense of satsifaction I get from having an actual mountain of corpses at my feet and free reign to do whatever the hell I want to the people that I was originally tasked with killing.

Tools and techniques that I’ll most likely put to good use tomorrow, for the latest Elusive Target in Hitman. Tomorrow’s Elusive Target (The 22nd!) is the Bookkeeper. He’ll be skulking around the Colorado map, with the added modifier being that if any sign of combat pops up, he’ll pop out of the map and the mission will be scrubbed.

Colorado is a tricky map. You’ve got easily over a hundred armed hostiles to deal with, with no one disguise being perfect due to the hierarchy of the militia. The compound mansion itself requires some deft skill and stealth, although there are plenty of other decent vantage points to tackle to get your eyes on the Bookkeeper. The water tower is one such prime spot, and can easily have a sniper rifle dropped there in the pre-planning stages before you tackle the mission.

You’ll also have an entire 168 hours to get the job done. Or a week, to be specific. I recommend death by rubber ducky explosion.

Last Updated: March 16, 2017

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  1. So the guy in the header is Target 22 or Rick Flair? Please help.


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