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Hitman – Episode 3: Marrakesh guide

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Marrakesh. Home to a bustling marketplace, thousands of tourists and shopkeepers who have a sweet deal to make with you. And also where you’ll find two targets that need an injection of lead to their skulls, ASAP. Hitman’s third episode is one of the trickiest maps released so far, as Marrakesh presented a tighter and more densely packed arena within which to carry out your objectives.

But a fun challenge to explore and work around nonetheless. Here’s a few ideas on how you can pull off the impossible in IO Interactive’s third episode of its murder sandbox.


  • Claus Hugo Strandberg
  • Reza Zaydan


  • Bodyguard
  • Cameraman
  • Consulate Intern
  • Consulate Janitor
  • Consulate Security
  • Elite Soldier
  • Food Vendor
  • Fortune Teller
  • Handyman
  • Headmaster
  • Local Printing Crew
  • Masseur
  • Military Officer
  • Military Soldier
  • Prisoner
  • Shopkeeper
  • Summer Suit
  • Waiter

Hot off the press

This opportunity requires some deft timing in Hitman. Once you’ve reached the part of the map with the poster-boys taking a break, quickly reverse and take your first left. If you look to the left of that alley, you’ll spot an unlocked room that you can distract your target into, usually with a quick coin toss. Sometimes this results in a soldier coming in as well, so you need to time it right.

Alternatively, you can kill the propaganda chap by flicking a switch on the wall and electrocuting the poor bastard in a puddle of a water next to the vending machine, but that creates a few more eyewitnesses than necessary. The other, other option here is to make note of where this trooper stops along the way, usually to sample some treats in the market. Find the right one, poison it and you can go loot his gear from his corpse after a soldier is done depositing him in a store room.

Once you do have that disguise on, just head back to the rendezvous point and then take a leisurely stroll through the markets back to General Reza Zaydan’s HQ. Inside the printing room, most of the staff will bugger off, with one sole technician running the printing press. Get rid of him, hide the body in a nearby container and switch the machinery off.

General Zaydan will come down to see what’s wrong, switch the printer back on and stand perilously close to it. WINK WINK. Shove the bugger in and you’ll have an easy “accidental kill” added to your record.

Cracking porcelain

You’re going to need an elite military disguise for this kill, which is actually easy enough to obtain. At the point of the map where General Zaydan’s army has taken over a nearby shoe shop, you can sneak around and over the barricade past the armed guards. Inside the shop, hide by the door to the back and listen to the conversation between two of the elite soldiers. They’ll quickly split, with one soldier keeping his back turned to you while the other one goes downstairs into the bunker. Either one can be offed easy enough and their uniform confiscated.

With that disguise, you can run into the school HQ, although keep an eye out for high-ranking soldiers. They’ll see through your ruse quite quickly. Once inside the school, go to the right corner on the far side to spot two soldiers talking smack about the good general. Behind them is an intercom system which can be switched on, broadcasting their griping throughout the base.

Bugger on out of that area, avoid any suspicion and make your way to the bathroom above them on the second floor. General Zaydan will stand right below the toilet as he lets his troopers have some verbal punishment, so knock his ego down with some porcelain.

Down the rabbit hole

Now this is a fun double kill. Remember those two soldiers I mentioned earlier in the porcelain kill? Go for that disguise again, but take the uniform from the soldier who is entering the bunker. Further inside, you’ll spot another soldier who can see through your disguise. Distract or eliminate him, and check the table next to him for instructions on how to operate an APC turret.

Descend further through the bunker tunnels, until you reach the underground parking beneath the consulate. Trigger an alarm (There’s one in the central rooms next to the stairs) and the emergency protocol to get Claus Strandberg out of the area and to the designated extraction meeting point with General Zaydan will begin. Follow him and his security detachment, walk Strandberg to his meeting spot and then quickly run on over to the parked APC.

You can then trigger the turret to fire on Strandberg, Zaydan and several other soldier for a MULTI-KILL!

A room with a moose

Looks like Claus Strandberg wants to tell his side of a story regarding him allegedly stealing billions from the Moroccan economy, and a local news team is on site to interview. Only problem? They don’t have a camera-man, due to the fact that the guy they hired is about as trustworthy as a bag of snakes. To get to the camera man, you’re going to need to gain entrance to the VIP club he’s hanging out in.

To do so requires either a waiter’s disguise or a VIP pass which can be found in one of two locations. Inside the club store-room which can be picked open from a side alley, or on a nearby rooftop which can be located by climbing the drain pipes near the market exit. With the pass, go inside and you’ll spot the dodgy camera guy smoking away in the top left corner. He periodically gets up to use the sink near the loo, so distract him inside or slip some rat poison into his pipe when he temporarily vanishes.

With that disguise, you can meet up with the news crew and head inside the consulate. While they setup for their interview with Claus, head back outside and up to the second floor. Just make certain that you don’t have any guns on you in case the security decides to frisk you. On the second floor that overlooks the area where Hans is being interviewed, you’ll find a broadcast room. Inside, you can listen to him spin some more lies OR and hear me out here:

Drop a massive moose on his head. You’ll find the controls for that option, inside the room.

Such strong hands

Stealing from the gullible is quite stressful actually. And to get rid of that tension, you need some hands on your spine. Usually the kind from Huge Hands Hans, but he isn’t in this game. Claus Strandberg has hired a masseuse to help sort his vertebrae out, who is downstairs in the waiting room of the Swedish consulate. Grab a disguise, such as security or that of a soldier and make your way inside.

Now here’s where you have to be quick. The room usually has some security in it, one guard reading the paper and an embassy worker strolls in every few minutes for a drink. The best way to get the masseuse disguise is to silently dispatch both unlucky peeps and quickly shove their corpses into a nearby cupboard. I found that a scissors/screwdriver to the back of the head of the security and a quick bullet worked wonders here.

With that disguise on, dump your pistol and go upstairs to be frisked. Claus will meet you in the stress-free room, and leave his neck open to a quick amount of chiropractic quackery. Another easy kill in the books. Alternatively, you can sneak a pistol upstairs if you’re good enough and just pop a shot in him right there for bonus points.

Bad Blood

Somebody has pissed off the good general, and they’re getting a dose of Moroccan torture for their efforts. You’ll need an elite military disguise just to get into the school HQ for this opportunity, but you’ll need am officer uniform to properly pull it off. An easy way to get such a disguise is in the room next to the one that has the two soldiers complaining.

That room has a soldier who’ll find you suspicious, so off him and quickly grab the officer before anyone notices. Steal his uniform and go to to the room with the mystery prisoner. Choke or kill him after you’ve dismissed the soldier guarding him, I don’t care, hide his body and take his place. Zaydan will come in to gloat, and lean in just close enough for you to snap his neck. Easy!

And that’s just the tip of this murderberg once again! There are so, so many other ways to kill these two. And that’s what makes Hitman just so much fun to play, you demented people you.

Last Updated: July 26, 2016

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