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Home gets bashed again, this time by a mainstream paper… again

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There are no shortage of stories criticising PlayStation Home on the Internet and to be honest you wouldn’t struggle to find one in the mainstream media either, but it seems that Sony may be about to get a most unpleasant wake up call.

You see a minority group is now talking about how Home is being discriminatory against them which as we all know just means that some American is about to sue Sony. The problem stems from the strict censorship that is being applied in Home.

Apparently Gay and Lesbian are bad words and need to be censored from our little innocent eyes. So you can imagine that when someone went to start up a Gay and Lesbian club and was told that he couldn’t create a club with obscene words he got upset. But to be fair it’s not like Sony are being homophobic, they also banned Christ, Jew and Hello… because seriously we all know how upsetting it can be when someone says Hello to you.

What makes this really sad is that this identical thing happened to our local Xbox forum (www.xbox-360.co.za/forum) about a year ago and it took MiNeM all of 2 days to fix it. Sony has been having this problem for months now and it still exists.

The issue isn’t that they over censored, the issue is that it really doesn’t look like they have a stinking clue about how to write software and you really have to wonder how long the bean counters are going to allow the overly expensive development department to keep running while it is dragging their name through the mud.

The fact that it is a Beta is no excuse, this problem shouldn’t have made it past their inhouse team testing, never mind to Beta. Seriously did no internal tester ever say Hello to anyone in Home?

And since when has Jew been a bad term either? I wonder if Muslim or Catholic is also banned?

Source: San Franciso Chronicle

As an aside, when is the world going to get over its homophobic attitude, seriously why care if someone else is Gay? Calling a gay person gay is an entirely pointless act and calling a hetrosexual gay is simply idiotic. If you want to insult someone come up with something original… please…

Last Updated: December 29, 2008

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