Home having problems from the start

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Yes, so Home is having connection issues from the word “go” and to be honest, is there anyone who is actually surprised?

I have yet to see any online game, application or service launch with little or no issues, it’s almost to be expected to be honest. It seems that a lot of people are getting the following error:

Network Error

The connection to the server was lost


The question is, how are things going for South Africans. We want you to tell us how your experience has been with Home so far, assuming of course that any of you have been able to get your hands on it already.

Is it working, is it not working, can South Africans get excited about this or is it only going to be something that those overseas people are going to really get to enjoy?

Let us know in the comments.

Source: Videogaming247

[Ed: We are aware that most South Africans are struggling to even get access to Home at this time and we are looking into it. The last I heard is that our version is still coming and it’s nothing personal. But we are waiting on official confirmation]

Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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