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Hot Pursuit remastered is coming soon according to the Need for Speed’s countdown

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I was heading into this article with the idea in mind that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit didn’t need a remaster because it’s still a super recent game, but then I went and looked it up properly and it’s a decade old this year. I felt the wrinkles appear on my fingers as I was typing, convinced that learning this had unlocked some unholy gate in time and space. Need for Speed hasn’t been doing all that great recently and I remember the last one I really enjoyed was Hot Pursuit so EA seemingly bringing it back for round two, if the official NFS website is to be believed, is probably not a bad idea. At least it gives the dev team a little extra time to ready themselves for a proper next-gen entry.


To describe the page, you’re greeted with a massive timer that’s constantly ticking down. You’re also given the line of text “5:10. How did he go so fast? Five ten. “Call Big Joe’s Pizzeria on 0800-510-510-510.” There’s got to be a way to fix this.” Now, 5/10 just so happens to be today, 5 October and given that at the time of writing there are only nine hours left on the lock, it seems fair to say that we’re getting a reveal this afternoon. Oh, and then below the timer is a link with the words “Reignite the Pursuit” which leads to an unlisted YouTube video. You can’t be any more clear than that, right?


A remaster of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was already leaked earlier this year thanks to an Amazon UK listing so I think it’s safe to say that’s what all this fuss is about. EA does enjoy a bit of a grandstand, right? What’s most interesting is where this remaster will launch as it could very well have been spruced up to such an extent that it may end up on next-gen hardware as well as current consoles. Check back in on the NFS website at about 17:00 CAT for all those answers.

Last Updated: October 5, 2020

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