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How Nintendo saved the videogame world

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Nintendo doesn’t have the best reputation with hardcore gamers at the moment who enjoy sticking their nose up at the Nintendo Wii and even the yet to be released Wii-U; but in reality if it wasn’t for Nintendo we might not have even had a functioning gaming industry.

Back in the very beginning of the gaming era the darling of the industry was Atari. Everyone had an Atari and they were more synonymous with gaming than prestick is with, well whatever prestick actually is I guess.

But then due to Atari having an attitude of the more the merrier and not believing in vetting the quality of titles released on its platform things started falling apart in a big way. The problem with having anyone develope anything for your platform is that the normal man in the street doesn’t know what is good or not and after buying three steaming turds in a row you will find they won’t come back for the fourth.

In the end the industry was in free fall and the analysts were all predicting the end of the days for gaming as a viable industry and then up stepped Nintendo with the NES.

Not only was the device solid and easy to use but the first party titles, Mario etc, were excellent and they were also only allowing games to be published on their platform that they had personally verified as being of decent quality.

It was a revolution in the industry and one that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo still abide by to this day. But words alone aren’t enough to thank Nintendo for saving our industry so YouTube user MrChordProductions put together this video which shows us the progress from that incredible first pong title until the NES saved the day

Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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