How to easily farm infinite Faction Rally tokens in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 may be known for its rip-roaring good times, beautiful guns and raids which don’t always go to plan, but Bungie’s massive sandbox is infamous amongst fans for something else: Cheese. Specifically, exploits which allow players to earn themselves a little extra glimmer and loot on the side. Destiny 1 had the infamous Loot Cave which dropped all manner of gear for players in the early days.

As for Destiny 2? It has the Token Cave, which allows players to farm for infinite rewards applicable to the organisation that they’ve sworn fealty to in this week’s Faction Rally sequel. Here’s how it works:

Destiny 2_20171108070149

Select the EDZ, and travel down to the Winding Cove.

Destiny 2_20171108064933

Right in front of where you land, is a Lost Sector entrance.

Clear the Lost Sector inside, and depart through the newly-opened exit after you’ve claimed your loot.

Destiny 2_20171108065307

As the “Winding Cove” text appears, turn back.

The Lost Sector will reset, but without any enemies or the Fallen Ultra.

Destiny 2_20171108065621

You can now reopen the chest, even if you don’t have a cache key.

Destiny 2_20171108070533

Rinse and repeat.

It’s cheesy to the max and will most likely be hot-fixed soon, but if you’re looking to quickly and slyly grab as many Faction tokens for Dead Orbit, New Monarchy or Future War Cult…well there you go. You need 20 tokens for an engram, so farming may take a while. But at least it’ll be a lot easier. CHEESE! The other caveat here, is that only the first 30 engrams you receive will contain items related to that faction, before shaders start dropping.

That means that you’ll only need…600 tokens? Jeez, even I’m not that crazy. Whatever the case, the results of the Faction Rally this week sure are going to be interesting until this exploit is fixed.

Destiny 2_20171108065621

Last Updated: November 8, 2017

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