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I got to fiddle with Injustice: Gods Among Us

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One of my most anticipated fighting titles of the year other than Dead or Alive 5 is Injustice: Gods Among Us and while that has a lot to do with Harley Quinn the rest of the game has looked very interesting indeed.

The idea of putting Superman up against Batman is something that makes my inner geek cheer with delight (50 shades of WTF) and so I was very happy to get the chance to play some Injustice on the show floor at Gamescom this week.

Unfortunately my experience with the game hasn’t really lived up to my expectations and I left feeling a little flat about a title that I had pinned such high hopes on.

I only managed to play a few rounds so remember this isn’t an in-depth review but in my first game I played as the mighty man of steel himself against the AI and after button mashing for a while I figured out some decent combo’s and after that it all became overly simplistic, every one appears to have a range attack which is pretty powerful and a few twiggles of the stick has you burning holes in your opponent with your laser eyes, then flying over to them and pounding them close up before moving back and repeating.

The exact same result happened when I used The Batman and as I was about to leave someone asked me to join them in multiplayer. This time I got to pick Harley Quinn, my all time favourite bad lady, and proceeded to put her insane petite frame up against the hulking Solomon Grundy who skulks around with blades embedded in his back.

It was at this time that I truly realised how incredible the graphics and modelling are in this game and as far as eye candy goes this is one of the better fighting games of our time. However once the game started the simplistic fighting mechanic got the better of me again and I found myself simply repeating the same moves and losing interest at a rapid rate.

However all is not lost, it is very likely that my short time with the game didn’t give me enough chance to understand the deeper fighting mechanic and with all these characters in one place I’m actually hopeful for a real single player story line which would be a first in a fighting game.

So for now I’m slapping a wait and see sticker on this one.

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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