I Reckon They're Lazy: Why Peace Walker is Exclusive to PSP

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So chances are if you’re a fan of the MGS series and you don’t own a PSP, then you’re probably upset that Konami and Kojima Productions are making MGS: Peace Walker exclusive to the PSP. Well according to a recent Kojima Productions Podcast, Sean Eyestone try to explain this decision as he stated that,

“We want people to go out and socialize with other people. You know physically take your PSP with you, go to your friend’s house and hang out together. Of course we could have done co-op, maybe, on PS3 or something like that. But whenever you do online co-op, that actually, in a way, kind of discourages people from playing together […] So not just going home to your respective houses playing online but actually physically coming together, enjoying yourself and kind of recapturing that old-school feel of playing together, enjoying a game together.”

I’m sorry but although I understand what they’re saying, they’re trying to encourage real human interaction. That’s great for the kids who never play outside but honestly the fact that more often I’m thoroughly annoyed with the human race and would prefer to sit in my ivory tower finger-bashing on my controller. Anyway Eyestone’s excuses (I mean reasoning) also included this lovely titbit:

“The other reason is just that we want people to take Metal Gear with them wherever they go. This is a real hardcore, no holds barred Metal Gear game. It’s the first time anything of this caliber has ever been done on the PSP. As always with Kojima Productions, we want to be the first and we are. So you got this great Kojima Productions game with great Hideo Kojima story in the palm of your hand that you can play with friends. And, really, what more could you ask for?”

Can’t argue there but then again we haven’t played it yet. Although I must admit that if I were a huge MGS fanboy (and I’m not) I’d consider this title a worthy reason to buy a PSP but I already have one so I’m waiting for 2010 to play this and the rest of the delayed titles.

Source: Examiner

Last Updated: August 24, 2009

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