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If Fighting Games were based on real life

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The premise behind most fighting games is usually pretty ridiculous; if it’s not some sort of mystical tournament to the death, there’s some or of McGuffin that one group of expertly trained hand-to-hand fighters and martial artists want to get (usually to take over or enslave the world), while another group of equally trained magical ninjas and pro-wrestlers is trying to prevent that from happening.

When one member from each group meets with the other, there’s usually some terribly cheesy diatribe, before the pairs face off with each other in a glorious display of chained combos and special moves. Unless Darryn’s playing – in which case one fighter seems to be able to do nothing but randomly punch and kick the air. Real life is nothing like this. When a dispute comes down to fisticuffs, it’s usually because one testosterone-driven drunken lout (WHO KLAPS GYM, BOET!) with small-penis syndrome has annoyed another testosterone-driven drunken lout equally worried about the size of his genitals, and in the absence of hand-bags, take to each other in a shirtless, clumsy unchoreographed brawl.

Occasionally funny comedy site College Humour has produced a little animated short showing what fighting games might be like if they were based a little more on reality and it’s pretty spot on – and better than most of their Dorkly stuff of late.

Last Updated: September 27, 2012

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