IGN: Firmware 2.40 Impressions

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PSN Trophy Screenshot

So the big news at the moment is the much anticipated PS3 firmware 2.40 update.. It’s going to finally add that much needed ingame XMB, the suprising custom soundtracks and the much touted Trophy system.

Now a few days ago I posted about how Sony had pretty much copied Microsoft exactly with the friends/games comparison and that I had expected more of them.

Well the more I read about the trophy system the more it sounds like they have forged their own way and it may possibly be better than the achievement system… if that is possible.

IGN has posted all the technical information and at the end have given us their personal views… the one sentence that would have made Sony’s day was

With one morning meeting, Sony has made me ready to buy every cross-platform title on the PlayStation 3 instead of its Microsoft-bred competitor

So who’s excited?

IGN: Firmware 2.40 Impressions

Last Updated: July 1, 2008

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