IGN leaks Dark Souls 3 release window

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Last week, I told you about a rumour that Dark Souls 3 would be shown off at E3 this year. “The Know” pushed the rumour further, offering up some information that sounded like it was pulled from some secret studio documentation. Now IGN has gone ahead and confirmed a release window, pushing us out of the rumour phase and into the “as yet officially unconfirmed but we all know it’s happening” period.

That’s right, From Software is following the same pattern as last year. Last year around this time, Project Beast was being leaked prior to E3. Revealed as Bloodborne during E3, we got more information during Gamescome before the product was released early this year. Now we’re getting some hints about Dark Souls 3 with a projected release early next year.

It looks like it’s really coming. I still don’t believe all the information implied by The Know – I don’t believe their timing count for cut scenes considering that cut scenes have never been a core part of Souls games (storytelling occurs in a very different way). Also, the screens they show look a lot more like Dark Souls 1 rather than all new Dark Souls 3 images. Still, we might see some of their information proving to be true.

I think Dark Souls 3 could be leaps and bounds better than Dark Souls 2. From Software could learn from the success of Bloodborne, plus being directed by Miyazaki could equate to a better game. Still, I think people are a bit fatigued by the Dark Souls lore and experience; From Software needs to bring something really new to the franchise. Then again, Bloodborne may have converted a bunch of new players to the From Software experience, ensuring that even more people are excited for Dark Souls 3.

Last Updated: June 10, 2015

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