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IGN Strategize – Advanced Street Fighter IV Tips

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Are you sucking at Street Fighter IV? Even on easy mode? Well, then the above video is not for you. Instead, you can go and watch the basic tips video that I have posted after the jump to learn all the basics that you didn’t even know existed.

These IGN Strategize videos, hosted by the lovely Jessica Chobot are the very same ones that are available in the NXE dashboard, but anyone who has tried to watch them will know that it takes a disturbingly long amount of time to load them up so it usually isn’t worth trying.

This great IGN Strategize video is for those who have passed the basic level of non-suck and are now looking to really dig down deep into the never ending possibilities that Street Fighter IV’s combat system has to offer. Focus Cancels, setups and Ultra combo’s are the way to go if you want to really start kicking ass like only Jean-Claude can, so check the videos out and get ready to be enlightened.

Just a reminder, there is the basic tips video after the jump.

Last Updated: March 5, 2009

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