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Impatient GOW3 USB modders get banned

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Gears of War fanatics the world over were bustling with excitement last Friday as the GOW3 Beta became available to a select few. While Cliffy B and many others were responsible for hundreds of code hand outs, it would seem that a few eager fans unable to get their hands on a code, were simply not prepared to wait any longer.

It turns out that a couple of impatient fans have managed to extract the Beta, making it available for download to a USB drive. Unfortunately for these hasty individuals the old saying “all good things come to those who wait” is all to true, as Epic’s Community Coordinator, Stacey Conley (AKA Flak) explained on the official Gears 3 forum when she posted, “They’ll get banned, not only from the beta, but possibly Gears of War 3.”

Now that GOW3 will be running on a dedicated server it is entirely possible for an IP or gamer-tag to be banned. In fact if Lead Game-play Programmer Joe Graf’s Tweets are anything to go by, the banning has already begun,

“BTW, I just banned a guy for selling beta codes via hacks. I highly recommend you don’t do that :)”

It kind of goes without saying, but please folks don’t be silly, joining this harebrained scheme will only hamper your ability to have happy fun filled locust destroying days later. If you really are that desperate to play this game, do it legit. Sell your favorite sibling or pet on the black-market and buy yourself a copy of Bulletstorm Epic Edition, or simply wait another week.

Source: Save & Quit, Twitter

Last Updated: April 19, 2011

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