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In Other News – 01 October 2012

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It’s a big week for gamers. Resident Evil 6 is out tomorrow, with a new NBA game, and erm, Just Dance 4 on Friday, all alongside rAge on the weekend. I haven’t been to rAge since 2010, so I’m keen to get on the floor and mingle with fellow gamers, because that’s always the highlight for me. But no hugging, ya’hear? If anyone tries to glomp me, mark my words, I will run away…awkwardly!

In Other News: Kingdoms of Amalur won’t have to worry about dropping the soap, Left 4 Dead 3 eventually, Halo 4 has a fan favourite, Oktoberfest and games, level up that Gunzerker, Total Recall reviewed and stupid questions answered.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy finding out just how washed up several past and iconic WWE wrestlers are today.


Valhalla Knights 3 first PS Vita screens shows combat and weird outfits
Hardcore gamer lives in net cafe for two months, claims it’s for training
Left 4 Dead 3 could happy, one day
38 Studios won’t face criminal charges
Indie Royale celebrates Oktoberfest with a six game bundle
Motorola can’t enforce the Xbox ban in Germany
Counter-Strike Global Offensive is getting a major update today
Halo 4 screens show the return of a fan favourite map


30 years of triumph and tragedy for an iconic games retailer
Wikipad – A $499 gaming tablet solution?
How to make the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2 a rapid-firing maniac
The making of Toejam and Earl


Hitman Absolution – Contracts walkthrough
The Avengers: Battle for Earth – Demo trailer
Mega64 – The Bayonetta suicides

Across the Networks

Wes Bentley may find that The Green Blade Rises
Monday Box office report
You may find this international trailer for the Life of Pi hard to believe
We Review Total Recall – Lots of action, little depth
Marc Webb will return for a Spider-Man sequel
It’s time to catch a train with these new set photos from The Lone Ranger
The Prometheus Blu-Ray promises that questions will be answered
There’s a new comet coming, and it’s brighter than our moon
This new malware is going to help rob your house
This is how graphene will shape the future

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Last Updated: October 1, 2012

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