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In Other News – 02 August 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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Our LW Mag sponsored lady for today is Natasha Scopetti, a Kempton Park girl who loves gym, her boyfriend and will soon be dining on Vodka when she visits Russia later this year. You can read more about her over here.

In Other News: Bioware has something to say, GTA 5 has some marketing to do, Rome 2 copies Steven Spielberg, the Olympics could learn a thing or two from video games and Thor visits a Doctor.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were far too busy cheering on the individuals winning gold medals who happen to be locals. Well done lads!


Bioware has a Mass Effect 3 announcement tonight
How the Olympics could have learned a thing or two about cheating from video games
Far Cry 3 – Ignoring motivation for violence is a mistake, say Ubisoft
NBA Live 13 has not been secretly cancelled
GTA 5 marketing kicks off with a viral campaign for Epsilon programming
Rome 2 will offer Saving Private Ryan levels of drama
Starcraft 2 Arcade mode patch is now live
Japan will get a Dragons Dogma easy mode patch


Top ten embarrassing achievements
Why FIFA 13s Kinect swearing is bad for the game
The biggest douchebags in gaming
How DayZ came to life


Batman sucks at video games
Planetside 2 – Death is no excuse trailer
Death Rally – PC Launch trailer

Across the Networks
Google has started restricting marketplace content
Turn your iPhone docking station into a DJ hub
Billionaire wants to build his own Jurassic Park
Keep your Facebook free of babies, forever!
Top List Thursdays – Top ten films which exist only as trailers
Kill all the Daleks in this new Doctor Who trailer!
Things go bump in the night in this first trailer for Paranormal Activity 4
It’s official – The X-Men First Class sequel will be known as Days of future past
Take a peek at some brand new images of Red Dawn
Brendan Fraser has to deal with a Split Decision
Brad Pitt likes Killing them softly in this first trailer
Thor: The Dark World gets its accursed villain in the form of a Doctor, some plot details revealed

Model: Natasha Scopetti

Last Updated: August 2, 2012

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