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In Other News – 03 May 2013 Weekend Edition

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Audrey Andelise

I may have eaten too much cake yesterday. In fact, I ate so much cake, that I can now see into all cake-related dimensions, across all of cake-time and cake-space, at everything that ever cake-was or cake-shall be. Either that, or I’m having one hell of a sugar rush.

In Other News: South Park is still on for 2013, behold the werewolf mermaids of Super Time Force, Zone of Enders sequel gets canned, Tomb Raider is half off and we upgrade Team Fortress 2.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy cake cake cake cake cake cake.


Road Redemption Kickstarter adds Oculus Rift support, XBLA stretch goal
South Park The Stick of Truth still set for a 2013 release
Zone of Enders HD PS3 patch inbound, sequel canned
Game and Wario dated for Wii U
Super Time Force has werewolf-mermaids
Defiance recruits over one million ark hunters
Team Fortress 2 upgrade means faster map loads and more
Everything Tomb Raider is 50% off on Steam this weekend


He helped build Halo 4, now he’s building worlds at Valve
GTA V – 64 facts that you didn’t know
A visual history of attractive video game characters – The 00s
Are we entering a new golden age for survival horror?


HAWP – Escape Goat
Dragon’s Crown – Sorceress trailer
Rayman Legends – Mariachi madness gameplay

What’s on at The Movies

Friday Fright Club – Carrie
Mother Nature ain’t got nothing on human nature in this red band trailer for Aftershock
Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper have an American Sniper in their crosshairs
Daniel Radcliffe is doing some Tokyo Vice
Too much sugar can kill you in this first poster and trailer for Violet Daisy
Movies out today – Why don’t you just go watch Iron Man 3
We Review Olympus Has Fallen – Thrilling action, no brain required
Marvel Studios regains control of Blade and Ghost Rider

Model: Audrey Andelise

Last Updated: May 3, 2013

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