In Other News – 06 March 2013

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Lorena Morena

If there is one thing that keeps me awake at night, besides the voices in my head, it’s beards. I don’t get them. And I don’t get how they’ve managed to infiltrate male fashion either. A couple of years ago, a smooth shave was required, especially if you wanted to be in with the ladies. My conculsion? There’s a secret society of bearded tyrants out there, shaping mankind with a curly cabal. And I’m the only person  smooth enough to stop them. BY THE POWER OF GILETTE!

In Other News: Consoles could get Slender, Minecraft might make it to the PS3, a wild game appears for the PS Vita, the bowtastic trend continues, Frostbite wants to go VR, Journey wins big, why Wreck-It Ralph is awesome and Dexter puts his knives away for good.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too bizzle getting our wesizzle made overizzle with a ghetto attitudizzle for R40 millionizzle randizzles.


Slender The Arrival dev would love to bring that game to consoles
EA looking into Oculus Rift support for Frostbite engine
The Walking Dead PS3 saves may transfer to PS4 for Season 2
Malicious Rebirth gliding to western PS Vita owners soon
Bows are popular even in Gears of War Judgement
Journey cleans up at games BAFTAs
Mass Effect 3 hosts a five day multiplayer event this weekend
Minecraft on Playstation likely, unlikely on Wii U


Rage Quit – Bloated budgets
It’s not the size of your keyblade that counts, it’s how you use it
Why Wreck-It Ralph is the greatest video game movie of all time
An SNES, NES, Genesis and GBA all-in-one Voltron console


Edge of space – Features trailer
Neverwinter – Ice Pire peak trailer
Scarlet Blade – PVP trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Win one of ten Premium Rush DVDs
Guilty Pleasures – Tropic Thunder
Say goodbye to Dexter after season 8
Lincoln emancipates Blu-Ray on March 26
Max Landis explains his Igor-centric Frankenstein
Midweek Mouth Off – From the big screen to the small screen
Tomb Raider movie reboot to feature a younger Lara Croft
It’s just good old fashioned revenge in this new Iron Man 3 trailer

Model: Lorena Morena

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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