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In Other News – 10 October 2012

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I am so, so cold right now. Cold, angry and ready to kick Al Gore in his global warming nads. After experiencing a heavenly weekend of hot weather in Jozi, it’s like I returned home to the London Olympics, which were co-sponsored by the rain. Bah!

In Other News: We need you to wait a little longer for some Final Fantasy Versus info, get clucked in Yakuza 5, strike a Khyber in Ghost Recon, Double Fine has some quadruple Fine prices, a samurai Predator and the Jurassic Park that almost was.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy dipping Garth into a vat of melted marshmallows.


Tetsuya Nomura wants you to wait a little while longer for some Final Fantasy Versus XIII info
Yakuza 5 screens are clucking crazy
Final Fantasy XIV wants to be the MMPORG standard on consoles
The Sims 3 to receive content from three decades
Black Ops 2 dev doesn’t understand Call of Duty engine criticism
Khyber Strike DLC now available for Ghost Recon
Every Double Fine game, now on sale
League of Legends developer wins another porn domain case


The best and worst horror sequels
Gamings greatest innovations aren’t as cool as we thought they’d be
The maddest Borderlands 2 trophies and how to get them
XCOM Enemy Unknown enemies tactics guide


Forza Horizon – Car breakup trailer
Borderlands 2 – Mechromancer skill tree walkthrough
Spy Hunter – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

Man, you are one ugly gaijin, samurai predator
For the serious Asian food eater, you need a tactical chopstick holder
This suitcase will follow you everywhere
We review The Dark Kinght Returns Part One – The best Batman movie of the year
This is how bad Jurassic Park 4 could have been
Good Grief! The Peanuts gang is headed to the big screen
Rumour: Armie Hammer is back in the batsuit for Justice League
The smell of money is too strong, as Taken 3 is on the cards
Midweek Mouth Off – Predicting the next craze
Ben Affleck shifts his Focus to a new film
It’s a poster blowout for The man with the iron fists

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Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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