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In Other News – 13 July 2012 Weekend Edition

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If there’s one thing I love about this job, is how quickly an office chat can derail itself into something completely bizarre. And thanks to Geoff today, a horror that I thought that I had purged from my mind, is once again present, knocking all kinds of nightmare fuel back into my memory. Damn you Geoff, just damn you.

In Other News: Some dark stalking might be in our future, how big the Ouya might be, what to shop for at Comic Con, Willem Dafoe debunks some rumours and we encounter some zombie satellites.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy rocking myself to sleep in a foetal position after clicking on a link that should not have been clicked, thanks to Geoff.


Diablo 3 hack causes over $10 000 in damage
Amazon launches free to play games service
The Ouya console will be as big as an iPhone
Capcoms Yoshinori Ono hints at Darkstalkers
Man stabbed in the chest after World of Warcraft argument
Mirrors Edge 2 is on the list, says EA
Willem Dafoe will NOT be in Beyond: Two Souls


Is the violence getting worse?
How to survive the Steam summer sale
Five signs that this generation was healthier than we thought
Top 55 Comic Con exclusives


Pokemon Black and White 2 – Return to Unova trailer
HAWP – Quantum Conundrum
Johnny Kung Fu – Launch Trailer

Across the Networks

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman discuss The Dark Knight Rises
Friday Fight Club – Sorcerer Showdown
John Carpenter’s DarkChylde gets a cast update and some old school monster effects
This first trailer for Sam Raimi’s Oz: The great and the powerful offers a bit of cinematic nostalgia
Hans Zimmer talks Man of Steel soundtrack
Movies out today – It’s Spidey time, again
Will Smith wants to put a fresh spin on the tale of Cain and Abel in his directing debut
Say hello to the new Q in Skyfall
How to make me never touch my PC again
This expensive sapphire hard drive will last a million years
The US  military is working on a cannibal satellite project
Digg flogs itself for $500 000, maybe more

Model: Yukilefay (Black Cat, get it?)

Last Updated: July 13, 2012

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