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In Other News – 15 February 2012

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Well, with Valentines Day finally over, hopefully the TV stations can finally stop screening back to back rom-coms and soapies. Yeah, right, like that’s ever going to happen. Still, for those of us who are more likely better acquainted with Mrs Palmer than an actual human being of the appropriate attractiveness, at least we have many more diversions ahead of us.

I’m planning on making a few new Soul Calibur V characters with which to terrorise the online community, such as a Bicycle-Repair Man who moves like Voldo, and maybe even a fighting avatar of Matt Damon if I have a chance, just so that I can yell “MATT DAMON” every time I land a hit in the multiplayer sessions.

Crafting custom characters totally beats social interaction, right?

In Other News: Mechwarrior might make a tactical return, Syndicate gets a hefty dose of Origin and we examine the genius of Dr Robotnik.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy practicing our homeopathic skills in order to make some easy money off of gullible folks.


Pyschonauts 2: Tim Schafer and Notch are still talking
Australian R18 Video Game debate scheduled for 2013
New Mechwarrior game to be announced soon, known as Mechwarrior tactics
Gran Turismo 5 update 2.05 arrives this week
European release date for Sleeping Dogs possibly revealed
Microsoft job listing hints at Halo 5 for Xbox 720
Back To The Future: Boxed retail version will ship in April
EA Origin will be required for Syndicate


The genius of Dr Robotnik
Will there ever be a PS3 version of The Witcher 2?
Eight video game couples who aren’t together but really should be
Don’t blame your crappy marriage on video games


Street Fighter X Tekken – Akuma reveal trailer
Mass Effect 3 – Take back the earth teaser
Pop Dance – DLC trailer

Across the Networks

Gina Carano finds blood
Ghost Rider Co-Director Brian Taylor will make a Twisted Metal film
Cowabunga! Jonathan Liebesman gets turtle power!
Midweek mouth-off: Who’s your movie crush?
Real Steel director Shawn Levy talks visual effects and sequels
Billy Bob Thornton gets ready to be a Bad Santa again
Get ready to lose face, as a Cabin Fever prequel is on the way
Finally, a pillow for the Forever Alone
This new camera technology will kill photo bombers
Let Schrödinger’s cat make those risky decisions for you

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Last Updated: February 15, 2012

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