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In Other News – 15 January 2014

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Jessica Nigri

Man, I’ve been getting sick and tired of Microsoft India phoning me because of problems on my PC. First of all, I know that I have viruses after surfing those websites. Second of all, even I’m not that stupid to fall for the scam. But I am enough of a dick to talk to them in a sexy voice, lead them on, make them repeat themselves and then tell the chap on the other end of the line that I’m working on an Apple PC, not a Windows one.

In Other News: Diablo isn’t the Xbox One, don’t get Left Behind on Valentines day, Saints Row goes yabba dabba doo and Starbound will kill you for good.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we still weren’t working after being turned off and on again.


Diablo 3 Xbox One spotted on retail sites, Blizzard responds
Last of Us Left Behind DLC February 14 release date listed
Metal Gear Solid V PS Vita remote play teased by Kojima
Saints Row IV DLC is stone aged flavoured
World of Warcraft designer Greg Street now at Riot games
Final two Skylanders Swap Force figures released
It’s way too early to pre-order Evolve
Next Starbound update wipes characters and worlds,adds permadeath


That’s some motley crew you’ve got there boy
Remedy wants to shatter the line between games and TV with Quantum Break
The rarest video game in the world
Mining deep into Simon Roth’s Maia, the sim with planet-sized ambition


Forge of Empires – Modern Era trailer
Top Five Tim Schafer games

What’s on at The Movies

Dominic Cooper talks World of Warcraft’s story
Jurassic World finds its cast
We Review Don Johnson – A lesson in self-fulfilment
Midweek mouth-off – Your best and worst of 2013
Verily, thou shalt trip balls in yonder trailer for A field in England
Michael Douglas talks Ant-Man and having a little bit of fun

Model: Jessica Nigri

Last Updated: January 15, 2014

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