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In Other News – 15 November 2013 Weekend Edition

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Madison Morgan

There are just 27 more days until the PS4 is available locally. That’s 648 hours. 38880 minutes.  2332800 seconds. I’m not helping, am I Sony fanboys? Good luck waiting and have a great weekend!

In Other News: Fallout 4 might be on the way, grab yourself some Amalur auction assets, Tearaway on the Vita and get a whole bunch f vigilante for one premium price.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy realising that Dig Dug was actually a fracking simulator.


Fallout 4 rumours begin as Survivor 2299 site launches
Towerfall coming to PS4 in early 2014
Shadowgate revival now active on Steam Greenlight
PS4 day one update adds USB headset compatibility
There wouldn’t be Tearaway without the Vita
38 Studios IP auction scheduled for December 11
Data files hint at Call of Duty Ghosts weapon DLC
Batman Arkham Collection packs three Batmans into one box


NFL player buys PS4s for a bunch of midnight campers
Vita TV – First impressions from Japan
Meet the first PS4 owner in the USA
Dark Souls 2 – Prepare to die, die and die again in From Software’s expanded sequel


Need for Speed Rivals – Pursuit gameplay
Blackguards – Developer diary
Star Wars The Old Republic – Domination trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Keep your peepers open, because it looks like Jeepers Creepers 3 is on the way
South African heist film iNumber Number to get the Hollywood remake treatment
Nick Frost has something that you don’t in this first trailer for Cuban Fury
Hugh Jackman talks The Wolverine sequel ideas
Movies out today – Surviving Somali pirates, ghosts and sticky-fingered teens
Steven Moffat has blessed unto us an early Christmas with the Night of the Doctor
Take the ark in this first trailer for Noah

Model: Madison Morgan

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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