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In Other News – 16 April 2012

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Katrina Bowden

Well I had a bit of a shock today. Or rather, a lack of one. The bloody power decided to flatline, leaving me to figure out a way to write articles, with a spare 3G modem and a laptop, that was hooked up to a car battery.

But hey, it worked, and deadlines were met! Nothing like a little bit of panic in order to to help get some work done, am I right?

In Other News: A certain viking warrior might return, Japan loves Journey and why The Witcher 2 has the classiest sex scenes in all of gaming.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy running around in panic circles when the power disconnected. AGAIN.


Dragons Lair gets more screenshots and a first trailer
Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter hits $1.1 million in donations, new rewards offered
Ghost Recon Future Soldier ditches DRM
Rune sequel teased by Human Head
Journey reaches a milestone in Japan
No WWE game for the 3DS this year
Dead Island lists a GOTY edition and release date


Five multiplayer FPS games to get excited about that aren’t Call of Duty
I’m upset with Nintendo again, because they stole 80 hours of my life
The Witcher 2 sex scenes are classy, and should be shown in a proper way
Top 5 scariest Silent Hill moments


Prototype 2 – Blades and claws trailer
Spec Ops The Line – Survival Consultant interview
The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition – Launch Trailer

Across the Networks

The Foosball Coffee Table that will break any awkward silence
Thunderbolt prepares to strike twice, drops exclusivity
This custom dead space figure is a work of horrific art
The top five groin attacks in movie history
Don’t question Robert Deniro’s power in this red light trailer
The Amazing Spider-Man gets a newer, more international trailer
Marvels’ Kevin Feige talks Avengers, Marvel sequels, Amazing Spider-man and Shane Black
Dwayne Johnson points guns at people in these new GI Joe Retaliation screenshots
Monday Box Office Report – The hungriest of games is still number one, while some stooges come in second
We Review – American Reunion: Tired and predictable, this reunion is a dud
Sharlto Copley has an old boy in his sights
Christopher Nolan talks CGI, 3D versus digital, lovely suits and more

Model: Katrina Bowden

Last Updated: April 16, 2012

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