In Other News – 17 October 2014

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It’s pretty much the final innings for this year now. rAge is done and dusted, there are a ton of games on the way and I am in no way ready for any of this. Still, at least I can take solace in the fact that I have my trusty team to stand with me in my darkest hour and help me…Crap, they’ve all buggered off for the day.

In Other News: Destiny’s Raids are working, Square Enix has a thing for masks, that DriveClub game will hit PS Plus eventually and one more chance to enjoy some Bloodborne.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy waiting for our mail. Any day now…


Destiny’s Raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended
Trine series tops 7 million sales, shares its level editor
Broken Age episode 2 is finished…its writing
Explore Dungeon Of The Endless on October 27
Evolution working hard to release DriveClub PS Plus edition
Bandai Namco is making Pokken Tournament with older fans in mind
Bloodborne Alpha final session set for Sunday
Square Enix trademarks masters Of The Masks in Europe


Two things that I dislike about the new Nintendo 3DS
The Evil Within – Performance Analysis
Anime characters announcing that they’re pregnant is a new meme
Battlefield 4 is the redefinition of early access


Dreadnought  – Developer walkthrough
World Of Speed – BMW M3 trailer
Star Trek Online – Delta Rising story trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Dean Deblois talks How To Train Your Dragon 3
It’s a watery grave for many in this first trailer for In The Heart Of The Sea
HBO plans to launch an online service
This trailer for Top Five just doesn’t feel funny anymore
Movies Out Today – Heroes in a half-shell
Return to District 12 with these new pics and trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
WB want Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy for Suicide Squad

Model: Miss Laurelle

Last Updated: October 17, 2014

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