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In Other News – 18 May 2012 Weekend Edition

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Well, that’s another week of hard work down for the count. By now, most of you are probably clicking away in Diablo 3, or slaughtering nameless minions in Max Payne 3. Heck, some of you might even be hitting both those games, for a double whammy of awesome gaming.

I’ll hopefully be joining in later for at least one of those games this weekend, but right now, I think I’m going to go unwind with a manly cup of Irish tea, some sour jelly beans, and a few of my favourite cartoons.

Weekends, I loves ya.

Before I bugger off, don’t forget to give the ION a like, if the lady above pleases you. It’s Jo Garcia, a gaming favourite of mine, as chosen by Mohammed Mayet. If she doesn’t please you, then send more likes to our other two entrants, here and here. Remember, the winner gets something from us, so cast your votes, and send more submissions to gavin@lazygamer.net .

In Other News: Lego goes dark with Batman fever, Sly Cooper steals his way onto the PS Vita, why E3 might suck this year and Sean Bean fights Nazi super-soldiers.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy bleaching my eyes, after inadvertently switching the Google safe search off which lead to some nightmare fuel imagery.

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Nintendos new ride will turn your DS into a GPS
Japanese game developer apparently harrassed so much, that she attempted suicide
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time announced for PS Vita
MPs call for violent video game ban. Again
Unreal Engine 4 goes public at E3
Peter Molyneux is not impressed with the Wii U
Lego Batman 2 goes Arkham City style
The Walking Dead sells a million copies in two weeks


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Ten game features that need to die
History is our playground
Six reasons why E3 might suck this year


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The Amazing Spider-Man – Web Rush trailer 

Across the Networks

Mickey Rourke will return for Sin City 2
Achtung – Sean Bean is taking on ze Chermans in the Fourth Reich!
It’s official – Blade Runner will be a sequel
Whose line is it anyway? – Arnie Edition
Bradley Cooper copies the first words in this first trailer
A quiet week for new releases
First Skyfall poster has 007 in barrel and first trailer gets dated
Liam Neeson shows off his particular set of skills in these first images from Taken 2
Is this your future SIM card?
These Termintaor busts do nothing to stem our robot phobia paranoia
Go full Bonham with this portable iPhone drumming kit

Model: Jo Garcia

Last Updated: May 18, 2012

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