In Other News – 24 April 2012

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Tiffany Crystal

I may not be the cleverest guy around, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t at least try to improve my IQ points. One attempt to do so has been to watch QI, over on the BBC channel, whenever it is on.

It has to be one of the most intelligent shows that I have ever seen, but most importantly, it’s fun, and when Stephen Fry is around, you know that the conversation shall be both stimulating and entertaining.

Seriously, if you’re home and it’s on, then check it out.

In Other News: A certain footie franchise scores a miss on the PS Vita, Ray-Man might get mythical and Mortal kombat kontinues to add some extra kontent to its portable debut.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because seeing which other deities could be compared to fungus.


PES 2013 will not be on the Vita
Call of Duty on the Wii U? Activision says "no comment"
Dragons Dogma demo is now available
Two new Dead or Alive 5 characters to be revealed this week
David Hayter – My favourite game
Mortal Kombat Vita will feature extra kostumes
Marketing survey hints at Rayman Origins sequel


Should games find inspiration in television?
Tribes Ascend walkthrough guide
How nano-technology is portrayed in video games – The Metal Gear Solid saga
Top five features to suggest for Just Cause 3


Prototype 2 – Hammer and whip gameplay
The Walking Dead – Story trailer
Screwattack – Top Ten franchises that should die

Across the Networks

Lionsgate finds itself walking with chaos
It looks like Jessica Chastain’s going to be in Iron Man 3 after all
New footage from Pixar’s Brave will have your eyes on the pies
Gina Carano may hit top gear for Fast and Furious 6
Learn the secret to peace in the middle east in the red band trailer for the Five Year Engagement
We Review The Grey – A chilling survival tale with a surprisingly thoughtful edge
Mel Gibson may find a Machete in his near future
Dark Knight Rises will have over an hour of IMAX footage, South Africans are insanely jealous
Finally, a crossbow that can fire spinning saw-blades
The feds are going to cut your internet access on July 9 if you don’t clean your PC
The Captain America collectible figure reports for kickass duty
Samsung teases its new galaxy with video

Model: Tiffany Crystal

Last Updated: April 24, 2012

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