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In Other News – 27 February 2014

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It’s not easy being the Batman of South Africa. Sure, Batman Inc has a kickass medical aid that pays out double if I lose a limb in a death trap, but damn, Ol’ Wayne sure is hard on us when it comes to presentable uniforms. Hell, I have no idea why he objects to my current batsuit. The rubber undies have the bat-symbol on them. And it’s bloody hot in Africa, so I’m not wearing much else.

In Other News: Starbreeze can thank the bros for profits, Team 17 is a bunch of Flockers, Dead Nation prepares for the apocalypse and fracture your soul on PC.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy causing trouble in Cape Town.


Starbreeze posts record financial results thanks to Payday 2, Two Brothers
Battlefield 4 platoons roll out today, details explained
Anomaly 2 confirmed for PS4
Flockers is the new game from Worm devs Team 17
Nintendo ending online services for DS and Wii titles
Space strategy sequel Stardrive 2 set for September
Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition outed for PS4
Fractured Soul out now on PC


Meet Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen, the risk-taker at the heart of the indie revolution
Why Kirby: Triple Deluxe has Japan tickled pink
The beards, the beaus and the bad guys of Bioshock Infinite
Gamers get pretty gross Facebook ads


Neverwinter – State of the game trailer
Gods will be watching – Debut teaser
Warhammer 40K – Storm of vengeance gameplay trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Watch how Hollywood destroyed a visual FX industry in Life adter Pi
This trailer for The Sacrament is not what it seems
David Fincher in talks to direct Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic
This shortlist of directors for Masters of the Universe has the power!
Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Josh Gad are going to play with Pixels
Marvel will film 60 hours of Netflix episodes in New York
Looks like Star Wars Episode VII has found its villain in Adam Driver

Model: Veronica Morgana Mackenzie

Last Updated: February 27, 2014

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