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In Other News – 27 October 2011

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So I hear that up north, it has been quite hot lately. Apparently most of population has also had a problem with their clothing catching on fire when they’re outside for too long, or coming back to find their vehicles have fused with the ground, like some sort of modern art sculpture.

But you guys are lucky. I love the heat, and this whole week, I’ve been stuck indoors as the hurricane level winds blows everything past my window, from unprepared wildlife to little old ladies who refuse to accept the fact that it’s windy outside. I wish I could swop climates with you guys.

Well it might get a little hotter right now with today’s lovely homegrown hottie, Candice Brink, a mischievous lady with a passion for dancing and would love to spend a few days on a tropical island. Read all about her here.

In Other News: A crazy old man makes a return, Silent Hill terrifies other genres and we find out which country loves Street Fighter the most.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were all engaged in a Nerf gun battle for ultimate supremacy.


Next-gen Xbox would “benefit most”
Crazy Earl will be back for Borderlands 2
Silent Hill could expand into other genres
Minecraft Kinect controls is possible
Rocksteady not put off by future open world games
Diablo 3 ultra-hard Inferno mode difficulty detailed
New XIII game is an interactive story
Unreal Engine 4 will support indies soon
North America accounts for %60 of the Street Fighter fanbase


Diablo 3 DLC may still be a possibility
Saints Row 3 has genius marketing
Video Games  are changing the world
Weirdest Final Fantasy creatures
If Video Games were celebrities


Halo Anniversary preview
Final Fantasy Type-0 Japanese opening cinematic
Mario and Sonic London 2012 games opening trailer

Model: Candice Brink

Last Updated: October 27, 2011

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