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In Other News – 27 September 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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[Edited because the evil google said it was to sexy.. even though nothing was showing]

Today’s LW Mag sponsored lady is Tracey Sharon Robertson, a Boksburg girl who happens to be a dancer, part time model and business student and shares a fear of spiders, just like Geoff, but with less girly screaming we’re guessing. Read all about her here.

In Other News: Some seven on seven action in Valhalla, Halo gets Flooded, EA buys a battlin’ log, the US army inspired by Pokémon, Jason Bateman takes a fist to the throat and the best insults heard in movies.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy trying to come up with excuses to ditch work and go play some more Borderlands 2.


Valhalla Knights 3 to feature 7 vs 7 battles
The secret Bad Piggies store in the Rovio HQ
Blade Guardian is the new game from Mistwalker, out this week on iOS
EA buys Battlelog developer
Notch attacks Windows 8, refuses to port Minecraft
Pokémon inspired the army to think about building an epilepsy gun
Media Molecules secret project is scary, but exhilarating
The Flood return in Halo 4


Here’s a handy field guy to some of the creatures of Resident Evil 6
Torchlight 2 class guide
Represent your favourite Borderlands 2 character with some fancy wallpapers
Ten bad games that made a lot of money


Giana Sisters – Twisted dreams debut trailer
Hip Hop Dance Experience – Features trailer
Hearts of Iron 3: Their finest hour – Launch trailer

Across the Networks

When Wall-E became an alcoholic…
Facebook starts a fake account purge
Your smartphone can now give your partner some real pleasure
Top List Thursdays – Top 15 Insults
All the activity has led to this, in this trailer for Paranormal Activity 4
Nic Cage signs up for Amicus
Todd Phillips wants you to forget the hangover and trust your eyes
The fire in your bank account rises with this Dark Knight trilogy boxset
Do not disturb the family in this trailer for Park Chan Wooks’ Stoker
Jason Bateman vs Melissa McCarthy in this trailer for Identity Thief

Model: Tracey Sharon Robertson

Last Updated: September 27, 2012

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