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In Other News – 28 May 2015

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In last week’s ION, I bitched about the lack of winter. Fast forward one week and lo and behold, COLD! I can feel the flu coming for me, it’s hovering above my head as we speak. I’d get up to go get meds, but my feet are frozen to the floor. Where is summer? I miss it already!

It feels like RTS games are rare these days, at least when compared to all the choice we had all those years ago. There were many titles to choose from; Command & Conquer, Dune, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Warcraft… the list just goes on and on. I played a bunch of them! You know which RTS I remember the most though? Total Annihilation, a futuristic strategy title released in 1997. It was fantastic.

TA 01

What makes this game stick out the most in my memory is its large scale, almost non-stop battles. You see, there were no resource limits. Mineral management wasn’t about maintaining the infinite metal or energy (resources never dried up), but rather about determining how best to set up your army construction line effectively so that resources didn’t get spent faster than they could be brought in.

These resources went into building light robots, giant tanks, stealth airplanes, large warships, and a whole lot more. There were two factions to choose from, each of which had their own unique units.The most important unit of all though was the commander. This metal hunk is all you needed to get an entire base running, and all you needed to keep everything maintained.

The game almost always boiled down to killing the enemy commander. Doing so didn’t guarantee victory, but it was a pretty devastating loss to the enemy, especially because the commander could build and repair everything the fastest.

TA 2

A spiritual successor to Total Annihilation came out many years later, in 2007. You may have played it… it was called Supreme Commander. It had the same premise as Total Annihilation – resource deposits that never dried up, large scale battles, and of course, the almighty commander. I would tell you all about it, except I never got to play it. My PC couldn’t handle all those units duking it out on that (back then) gorgeous battlefield. I should actually see if I can pick it up sometime now that I have hardware that can run it.

Supreme Commander

Did you play Total Annihilation? Do you yearn for another RTS of that calibre?

In Other News: Killer instinct gets a new combatant, an open beta starts next week, Pokemon trainers get followed, and Vin Diesel is a dungeon master.

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy being distracted by awesome T-shirts on sale.


Aria is Killer Instinct’s newest fighter
Vulcun launches Hearthstone league with $100K prize pool
Dirty Bomb open beta starts next week
Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Adding Daily Runs


‘To Be the Very Best’ follows real Pokemon trainers
Let Vin Diesel be your Dungeon Master in this relaxing, comforting game
Former female competitive Smash player talks sexism in esports
Dote Night: Squirrel Design And Ratatoskr Art


Skywind trailer shows its updated version of Morrowind’s starting town

Dota 2 Fails of the Week – Ep. 128

DeadLock: Does Dark Souls ACTUALLY SUCK?!?

FIFA 16 – Women’s national teams are IN THE GAME

The Movies

Robert Rodriguez to direct/co-write live-action JONNY QUEST movie!
Hulk Hogan may be the bad guy in EXPENDABLES 4!
This trailer for PAWN SACRIFICE is about to explode
This trailer for A WALK IN THE WOODS will give you cramps
This trailer is a reminder to never steal Kevin Bacon’s COP CAR

Model: Total Annihilation

Last Updated: May 28, 2015

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