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In Other News – 28 November 2012

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I can’t see. My eyes are fried, and I’ve already walked into a wall once today. I’m not joking. Because the damn LG crew has been posting entire walls of emoticons into our Skype chats today. Which is the visual equivalent of being drunk. Either that, or all those smilies has given me sight beyond sight. THUNNNNNNDDEEERR, HOOOOOOOOOO!

In Other News: Darkstalkers gets delayed, win  a collection of Batman, DayZ explores some dead ends, why the Vita is great yet sucks, Planetside 2 has a banhammer ready and Forza sees some Halo on the Horizon.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because after a day of being assaulted with emoticons, I was ready to flip some tables. Except the damn emoticons don’t register on our backend. Noooooooooooo!


Codemasters hires achievement bloggers to design achievements for GRID 2
We might be getting a game called Yoshi’s Land for Wii U
Forza Horizon December car pack has a Halo edition raptor, five more
The weapons in Far Cry 3 are great, but the descriptions are better
Black Ops 2 leaderboards re-enabled following issues
Planetside 2 dev discusses strict no mod policy, swings banhammer
Darkstalkers Resurrection delayed to March 2013
DayZ creator wants to follow all the dead ends


What a video game graveyard looks like
Have you accepted geekdom into your heart?
The Vita is a great system, too bad Sony screwed it up
The best assassin in the creed


ZombiU –  Developer diary: Multiplayer
Far Cry 3 – Co-op trailer
Nikki and the robots – Greenlight trailer

Across the Network

Guilty Pleasures –  V for Vendetta
Win an amazing Dark Knight trilogy boxset!
Joe Carnahan is going to sink his teeth into some vampire romance in Undying Love
The remake machine takes off again with Flight of the Navigator
Bald heads and purple helmets unite! Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart join X-Men Days of future past
Midweek Mouth Off – The great Bond debate
Star Wars Sequel News Update – Was Matthew Vaughn just confirmed as the director for Episode VII?
Waterworld may return as a sequel/TV series

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