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In Other News – 14 February 2012 Valentines Day Edition

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Well Valentines day is all but over by now, at least for those of us who spent it as real life caricatures of the Forever Alone guy. Most of you will no doubt have something special planned tonight for a loved one, but as for me?

I’m going to take my loneliness out online against other players, while crying into a pillow that nobody loves me. I’m certain that there’s a Queen song somewhere in that line to match my mood.

In Other News: Miyamoto tries to get to grips with the Zelda timeline, Gotham City gets broken and we look at some neglected games that never make it into any lists.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy digging heart-shaped arrows out of my back. Nice try Cupid.


Miyamoto: We try our best to make the Zelda timeline consistent
Activisions’ Hirshberg: Its simply a fallacy to say that we are not innovating
FIFA Street gets a demo
Girl Fight is coming to XBLA and PSN this year
Gotham City Imposters matchmaking is broken on PC
David Jaffe: Games can’t tell emotional stories yet
SWTOR gets the Lego treatment
Ironclad gives a sneak peek at Sins of a solar empire: Rebellion


Four reasons why JRPGs still matter
Five Skyrim improvements that might be released as DLC
Nine games that never get included in top ten lists
Seven signs that the Vita isn’t repeating the same dumb mistakes that the PSP made


SSX – Africa region gameplay
Twisted Metal – Launch Trailer
Risen 2 – Animals gone wild trailer

Across the Networks:

Jackson to direct next Tintin film, says Spielberg
Prepare to take an axe to the face in the new trailer for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Cost of living, a short film starring Brandon Routh is now online
Dan Akroyd responds to Ghostbusters 3 rumours
It’s official, Michael Bay commits for a fourth Transformers film
Altered Carbon is heading to the big screen
Back to Middle Earth with the trailer for The Hobbit
In the future, you could use your heartbeat for a password
This super-soaker will multi-kill your friends
Mattel is finally making the hover-board from Back To The Future

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Last Updated: February 14, 2012

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