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In Other News – 30 August 2012

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Lisseth Mideiros

Man, what a weird morning. I received far more hate than usual, something that even I couldn’t cope with. And then I realized that people were referring to a certain DJ on the site. Strangely enough, my first 2 initials are also DJ. Moving on!

In Other News: NHL gets some ladies in the penalty box, Metal Gear goes social, Gearbox has some next-gen on the side, Guild Wars 2 values fun over money and we can finally play some games during take off.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was to busy reading through my 1001 Guinea Pigs recipe book.


Guild Wars 2 thinks that fun is more important than money
PS Vita owners are reporting problems with PS One classic transfers
You might finally get to use your GameBoy during take off
Star Wars the Old Republic manager explains shift to free-to-play
Metal Gear Social Ops announced for worldwide release
Gearbox has a few next-gen things going on
Archos reveals 7 inch gaming tablet
NHL 13 to include female athletes


Gaming rivalry and cost
GTA’s best ever radio stations
Writing about games is hard
8 must have PC games – According to a PC virgin


End of Nations – Customization trailer
Pushing Jell – Debut teaser
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tekken Takes Tokyo Teaser

Across the networks

Make a wish with these nightmare fuel Star Wars helmets
eBay bans the sale of magic
What would your PC look like if it was hit with gamma radiation and tiny fists?
Unproduced Stanley Kubrick scripts are headed to TV
Top List Thursdays – Top Ten Speeches
Michael Douglas is going to demand that some walls be torn down, in Reykjavik
Christina Hendricks is going to be catching monsters with Ryan Gosling
Alex Murphy vs Beetlejuice? Michael keaton joins Robocop as the OCP villain
This Red Band trailer for the To Do List is not trying to impress you with an all star cast
October 5 will be world James Bond day
Wait, so is Joss Whedons SHIELD actually related to The Avengers movie?

Model: Lisseth Mideiros

Last Updated: August 30, 2012

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