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In Other News – 09 January 2013

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Man, did I put on a few kilos during the festive break. Who would have thought that pigging out for a solid two weeks would have left me with a saggy body and various ailments? But for the last week, I’ve been training hard, running up a massive hill. As soon as I’m done with that game, maybe I’ll do some exercises as well.

In Other News: Crysis 3 says farewell to the Wii U, get ready to fight at EVO 2013, a bat-breaker is headed to Injustice, Colin Farrell is a dead man and the evolution of Pokémon graphics over 15 years.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy getting my political campaign off the ground. No more taxes! Car Guards beaten if found! Vote for Darryn!


The great Wii U robbers might actually get away with it
EVO 2013 line-up announced and dated
Studio Ghibli’s musical maestro talks Ni No Kuni soundtrack
Wii U virtual console development moving ahead
Crysis 3 is not coming to the Wii U, for real this time
US vice president to discuss gun violence with games industry representatives
Lex Luthor and Bane confirmed for Injustice: Gods Among Us roster
Capcom says that Ninja Theory have been "Amazing" on DmC


The fine art of robots, dragons, starships and bikes
2013 – The year of the micro console
Watch 15 years of Pokemon graphics evolve slowly but surely
Top five cheat codes that need to make a return in GTA V


The Sims 3 – University life trailer
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – Legends trailer
Combat Arms – City under siege trailer

Across the Network

Here are your nominations for the Director’s Guild Wards this year
Guilty Pleasures – Shaun of the dead
James Mangold talks about pain and gain in The Wolverine
All you have to do is accept his love in the trailer for The Last Exorcism Part 2
And your 2013 razzie nominations are…
Midweek Mouth Off – Festive season filmography
The Battle of the sexes turns bloody in this trailer for Girls against Boys
Colin Farrell is a Dead Man in this new trailer

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Last Updated: January 9, 2013

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