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In Other News – 7 April 2105

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One of the best gifts I’ve ever received is a handy, rotary pasta machine. It means that when the fancy takes me, I make my pasta fresh, and I’ve turned out rather serviceable panzerotti, ravioli and all other manner of stuffed pasta. Usually though, in party because I’m a lazy bastard, and in party because it’s one of my favourite things on earth, I make lasagne; and there’s very little on earth that tops a homemade lasagne, made with fresh homemade pasta.

A traditional Neapolitan dish, the lasagne is made with alternating layers of Neapolitan ragu, bechamel, and – if you can afford and find the stuff, Parmigiano-Reggiano. I’m not actually too fussy with a lasagne; the ragu needn’t be made with a soffritto (or mirepoix), the bechamel needn’t have infused clove flavours and I don’t really care if you use a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella in place of the parmigiano. The only thing? It needs to be discrete layers. I hate it when you can’t clearly see the different layers of goodness. That’s not a lasgne; it’s a messy stew with pasta in it.

In other news: Pillars of eternity gets even geekier, free games for US vita owners, have sex with your car and pre-load GTA V on PC. Yes, it’s real.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we just couldn’t stop staring at that winky. I uh..mean wink. Yes. That.


Forza Horizon 2 and its season pass discounted through Deals with Gold
Pillars of Eternity creators plan to expand with tabletop RPG, card game
You can pre-load GTA 5 on PC starting today
Free games, cash and credit now available in PlayStation Vita class action settlement
An unconscious man kicks off Square Enix’s three-day game reveal
DICE wants your help in making the next map for Battlefield 4
Rodea: The Sky Soldier lacking multiplayer in 3DS, Wii U versions
Bandani Namco detours RIDE, now coming in June


A game where you have sex with your car
How Slender gave gaming its Blair Witch moment
The GTA players that push their cars to the limits
Tech Analysis: Splatoon


Izle – Kickstarter trailer
Skyforge – Ascension cinematic trailer
SMITE – Medusa trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Entire STAR WARS saga is finally being released on digital platforms!
There’s only one way in or out of this trailer for Chilean mining disaster movie THE 33
New featurettes for FANTASTIC FOUR explain casting; plus new poster & international trailer
This trailer for SURVIVOR is an extraordinary asset
FURIOUS 7 is scoring big at the box office
THE MUPPET SHOW is getting rebooted! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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