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In Other News – April 20 – 2010

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Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to bring you all the gaming news you want. Sometime’s we’re living up to our name and sitting around stuffing our faces with beer and biltong.

Here are the gaming related sundries you might have missed!


Free Borderlands Claptrap sound files from Gearbox – Major Nelson


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC patch due this week – IncGamer

Crysis 2 on console ‘looked impossible’ – CVG

Trine update adds free DLC, 75% Off – Examiner

What the iPhone 4G could mean for gamers – DualShockers


New Gran Turismo 5 Cockpit Replay of HKS CT230R looks hot – Videogamezone

Uncharted 2 Siege DLC footage – Gametrailers

Japanese Ikki Tousen TV Spot = Boobs – Gametrailers

Sim City – 6 Million Residents no cheating – Youtube

Last Updated: April 20, 2010

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