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In Other News – August 26, 2011 – Weekend Edition

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It’s been a crazy week and we’ve all had lots of fun trolling posts, ranting in comments and arguing over the games that we all love so dearly and are completely ready to finally chill for the weekend and hit some serious gaming. With Deus Ex and Rugby World Cup out today, we know there’s gonna be a lot of that going on.

In Other News: Xbox 360 likely to get a price cut, Twilight RPG happening in the works, a very sexy FHM Gears of War photo shoot video as well as more news, stuff, videos and the weekly Lazygamer feature round-up. Happy weekending.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I found a 5000px wide version of the image in the header that is literally larger than life, and with Gemma Atkinson’s amazing breast, our eyes and simple minds just couldn’t handle it.

This week on Lazygamer:

Flamebait Friday Debate: Annual Glorified Expansions vs Proper Sequels
GamesCom 2011 Coverage Hub
The Evopoints.co.za Downloads Of The Week – 26/08

Rugby World Cup 2011 Reviewed-oh ruck it
Deus Ex: Human Revolution review – Vir et apparatus

GamesCom 2011 – The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
GamesCom 2011 – Gotham City Impostors
GamesCom 2011 – Need For Speed The Run
GamesCom 2011- Interview with Guild Wars 2 Colin Johansen
GamesCom 2011 – Spider-Man Edge of time
GamesCom 2011 – Hands on with the PS Vita
GamesCom 2011 – X-men Destiny hands on
GamesCom 2011 – Prototype 2
Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots
GamesCom 2011 – Modern Warfare 3 hands on
GamesCom 2011 – Asuras Wrath
GamesCom 2011 – Interview with StarCraft 2’s Jonny Ebbert


Resistance 3 reviews call game ‘refreshing… best instalment yet’
Resistance 3 won’t feature regenerating health
MGS on 360 what does this mean?
Kojima’s FOX Engine Is Next-Gen Ready
Five Free Games with New Xbox 360 Purchase
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater A New Standard for HD Remastering
Glen Shofield Mw3: “Some Things are Just Too Big for Current Consoles”
An EA partner developer can’t use Porsche?
Battlefield 3 Recon Class to Set Spawn Points?
360 likely to get a price cut
‘Twilight’ Star Bronson Pelletier Talks About The ‘Twilight’ Video Game — Are YOU Excited?
Counter-Strike: GO – Crossplatform Play Officially Confirmed
Steve Jobs Out, Apple Game Console In?
Can Diablo 3 be successfully ported to consoles?
Valve Says From Dust DRM Will Be Removed With A Patch


Best textures in games
SWTOR Facebook Image of the Week 8/24/2011
Top 5 video game myths
Some Of 2011′s Biggest Hitters Set To Flop In November
Adam Jensen Speaks! An interview with Elias Toufexis
When Developers Fight, Gamers Lose
10 Deus Ex Augmentations We Wish Existed
The Evolution of Street Fighter Women (Infographic)


Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary
Top 5 Reasons Space Marine Kicks Ass!
Sexy FHM Gears of War Video Shoot
WRC 2 preview trailer
Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2011 Trailer [HD]

Header: Gemma Atkinson

Last Updated: August 26, 2011

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