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In Other News – July 4, 2011

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I don’t know who was responsible for it, but let me tell you that when Epic finally get a hold of whoever leaked Gears of War 3 online, be it by mistake or otherwise, that dude is gonna get the lynching of a lifetime. Also, happy Independence Day to USA, don’t let them Brits take yo’ tax money no longer.

In Other News: We have the best cosplay pic you will see all week, Far Cry 3 is gonna have moral dilemmas (another way of saying pick option A or option B), we have a top 25 best horror games of all time list, Batman: Arkham City HD gameplay video and screenshots. Lots of great stories, so just like Pokemon, try to catch ’em all.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we had to kick the tires and light the fires.


id Explains Why RAGE Looks So Damn Good On Consoles
Do We Need A PS4? Crysis 2 PS3 vs PC DX 11 Comparison
Microsoft Investigating Gears of War 3 Leak
PlayStation Store Preview – July 5th, 2011: Beta For Everyone
Sony to start production of PS4 at end of 2011, say Taiwan makers
Killzone 3 Is Poorest Selling Title In Franchise History On PS3
Far Cry 3 to feature moral dilemmas
BioShock Infinite Scoops 75 Awards At E3
Epic Games Is Now Removing Illegal Copies Of Gears of War 3
Crytek: Developing For Kinect “Really, really easy”
Become the Face of Need for Speed: The Run


Fan treats Zelda: Wind Waker to a makeover, makes it more photorealistic
Five of the Most Controversial Video Games Ever Made [NFSW]
Top 10 Franchises We Would Like To See On The Xbox 720
Top 25 Best Horror Games of All Time
Digital Bakery: The Best Video Game Inspired Cakes
Batman: Arkham City HD Gameplay Video & Screenshots
Sexuality in Fallout: New Vegas
The best cosplay pic you will see all week


How to annoy people in Modern Warfare 2
Gametrailers: Bonus Round – Games of Fall
Q&A with Lead Senior Designer of UFC Undisputed 3
Gears of War 3 – Vulcan Gameplay

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Last Updated: July 4, 2011

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