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In Other News – June 9, 2011

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More E3 means a ton more news for all of us, so much that we couldn’t possibly squeeze it all in to the main posts. That’s what these are for, well, that and an excuse to post images of fine women.

In Other News: EA told Bobby Kotick to get bent when he tried to play Battlefield 3 at E3, Ubisoft don’t want Assassin’s Creed to feel like Lost, Gamers reporting issues with PS3 3.65 update, Sony doing some amazing things with the PS3 and Vita, new screenshots for XCOM, Dead Island, SWTOR and a ton more links.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Geoff and Ian were at a Hollywood rooftop Nintendo party, and they should be feeling the effects of it right about… now.


Bobby Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3 at E3. EA said No
Sony: Not looking beyond PS3 and PS Vita to PS4
Call of Juarez: The Cartel Dated
Ono: Tekken fans may get to like “a little taste of Street Fighter”
E3 2011: “We don’t want Assassin’s Creed to feel like Lost” – Ubisoft
E3 – What’s New In Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Multiplayer
Halo remake does not feature original audio
Shock Paddle Kills Make A Return To Battlefield 3
E3 2011: Original Halo maps will be Reach DLC
Dark Souls PS3 Is Superior, 360 Version Heavily Compressed Onto One Disc
Molyneux is “kicking himself” over Fable: The Journey E3 demo
Gamers report problems on PS3 Firmware update 3.65


Sony opens door for cross-platform gaming, Microsoft slams door shut
Nintendo Wii vs Wii U
Where Is The 360′s Uncharted?
Wii U – Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None?
How To Turn Your Girlfriend Into A Gamer


New XCOM screenshots
Dead Island: Brand New HD Screenshots
Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta- Character Creation Screenshots


PlayStation Vita title ‘Ruin’ connects to PS3 for continuous client gameplay
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – gameplay

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Last Updated: June 9, 2011

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