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In Other News – May 24, 2010

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Men prefer gaming over sex? Lk SRSLY? According to a study done in California, men had higher levels of adrenaline after playing games than after doing the nasty with their lady-friends.

Here’s other gaming related blue sentences that you may have missed.


Men prefer gaming over sex
Super Mario Galaxy 2 screens impress
Lost Planet 2 rewards you for not selling the game
Natal line-up will “overshadow” Move
David Jaffe not making new Twisted Metal after all


Why is the Blur logo so dang familiar?
Girl writes to Nintendo – they deliver
5 game franchises that need to retire


Pach-Attack Ep117
Star Wars: The Old Republic Hoth level flythrough
Backbreaker Big Game gameplay

Last Updated: May 24, 2010

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