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In Other News – September 3, 2010

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It’s just about time for the weekend, which means that you will have lots of time to become a l33t pwnzorizerer at our HAWX 2 flash game and put your self in line to win some great prizes from Ubisoft and EvoPoints, so get on it!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were confusing the local airforce base by enquiring if they give 2D fighter pilot training.

Lazygamer Weekly Round-Up

HAWX 2 Competition Details
Play the HAWX 2 Flash Game
Girl Gamers Unmasked – Opinion piece
Kinect’s Voice Recognition Won’t Work in SA at Launch
Mafia II Review – Welcome to the family
Microsoft Stops Supplying Subscription Codes Till Price Increase – Date Given


Konami Reveal Screenshots From Debut Xbox 360 Kinect Title
GoldenEye 64 designer slams Activision over Wii remake
New Oddworld hits PS3 next easter
PES 11 demo date – week early for PS+
Sony America Taking Modchip Seller To Court
PlayStation Move Reviews Are Go-Go-Go, Largely Very Positive
Resident Evil 5 coming fast as possible, Devil May Cry going a bit western


10 Freakiest game characters ever


Kazunori Yamauchi vs. NASCAR Driver Joey Logano in GT5
NBA JAM remix developer diary
Real life rocket jump

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