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In Other News–10 February 2015

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We so often focus on the main bits of our meals, that we often overlook the sides. One of the most popular, endearing and enduring of all side dishes is the lowly, and humble chip. That doesn’t mean the chip can’t be elevated. While we in South Africa tend to favour the fabled slap tjip – and there’s nothing wrong with a soggy bit of fried potato covered in salt and vinegar – I go weak at the knees for a properly made, crispy chip. Nobody does it better than molecular gastronomist, Heston Blumenthal.

Yes, his infamous triple-cooked chips take a lot of work – but anyone who’s tried it will agree that it’s worth the effort. It requires soaking your cut potatoes in water to remove the starch, then simmering them until they’re close to falling apart. Here’s where the magic happens; putting them in the freezer to cool down for an hour halts the cooking process and removes excess moisture. Then, you need to fry the chips on a low heat until a thin crust forms, putting them back in the freezer for another hour – before frying them up one last time. It results in a chip that’s deliciously, delightfully crispy and crunch on the outside –with a glass-like crust, but soft and decadently creamy on the inside. A little salt and a splash of brown vinegar – and I’d nearly forget about the steak, burger of fried fish that accompanies them. Heaven. Unless you’re trying to cut carbs and saturated fats.

In Other News: layoffs at MontrEAl, Fatal Frame might scare white folks, Halo MCC may never get proper working multiplayer and an ode to Barry Burton.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because  we were killed by plastic Transformers.


A small number of layoffs hit EA Montreal
Smash Bros. 3DS gets Amiibo support on February 10
Fatal Frame likely to come West, says Itagaki
Halo: Master Chief Collection matchmaking update beta cancelled
Popular bluffing card game Coup will be a videogame soon
A survival game that riffs on The Thing
‘Mishaps’ can occur in RollerCoaster Tycoon World
Legend of Grimrock looks good running on an iPad


Cities XXL is a ripoff
An ode to Resident Evil’s Barry Burton
Dying Light isn’t a new Fallout, but it’ll do for now


Shiftlings – Orientation trailer
Blackguards 2 – New monsters trailer
Wings Of Vengeance – Greenlight trailer

What’s on at The Movies

LEGEND OF ZELDA may get a live-action series on Netflix
This trailer for Netflix’s newest drama series BLOODLINE has good people doing bad things
Feast your eyes on a ton of gorgeous concept art for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
Rumour: G.I. JOE 3 to have MASK crossover and classic villains?
Get ready for attitude with the red band trailer for STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON
Rumour: Marvel wants Angelina Jolie to direct CAPTAIN MARVEL
It’s Official – Spider-Man is entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Last Updated: February 10, 2015

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