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In Other News–15 January 2013

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Emily Scott

To the jackass who clipped the hand-guard on my scooter broken, a haiku for you:

Dear passing jerkass
I so love my bike dearly
I will break you soon

Hey, give me a break? I’m neither Irish or drunk enough for this kind of poetic skill!

In Other News: Metal Gear demos next week, Omerta is a golden city for gangsters, the NRA has a shooting game and your robots in disguise are going to level up real quick now.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy trying to find some detachable prosthetics for our Monty Python Knights of Camelot cosplay group. Hey, you wanted to be the Black Knight Garth.


You’ve never heard of the guy writing the Assassin’s Creed movie
Swedish School has kids playing Minecraft, turns out that they like it
The new shooting game from the NRA is for ages 4 and up
Metal Gear Rising demo lands January 22 on Xbox and PS3
Omerta City of gangsters has gone gold
Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt launches today for Borderlands 2
Transformers Fall of Cybertron Multiplayer gets a permanent XP boost from today
Square Enix teasing Final Fantasy V and VI reveals


Devil May Cry “fans” are a crying shame
The struggles of gaming for story
Four things that we may never see again in video games
Pokémon X and Y – 8 classic features that we want to see return on the 3DS


Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC trailer
DmC – Combat gameplay
Age of Conan – Unchained secrets of Dragon Spine trailer

Across the Networks

Bradley Cooper is getting ready for a Dark Invasion
It’s the Odyssey of Homer…in space!
Schindler’s List is headed to Blu Ray
This first trailer for Danny Boyle’s Trance will make you do anything that it wants
We Review Pitch Perfect – Catchy tracks and a talented cast elevate this musical comedy
Don’t expect to see too much Tatum in GI Joe 2 Retaliation
Zack Snyder is not making a Star Wars spin-off movie, sigh

Model: Emily Scott

Last Updated: January 15, 2013

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