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In Other News – 26 February 2013

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Neon Lynxie

Y’know, I can’t believe some of the TV shows that I missed out on whenI decided to instead go hang out with pals and abosrd solar radiation. One such show that I discovered this week, was Spaced. It was made back in 1999, but Sweet Christmas! That show was obviously ahead of its time. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are in it, and because it’s British, you know that it’s going to be funny. I need to watch some more of that tonight.

In Other News: Sony wants to do the right thing, console fanboys and a master race will not meet in Sanctuary, new Borderlands 2 content on the way, someone is going to Respawn at E3, celebrities and video games, Dishonoured flips a coin and Spidey hangs around a tree.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy projecting thoughts of head cancer to the fiends who gave Kirsty Sharman the worst day possible.


Sony exec on PS4 pre owned games – We will do the right thing
Runner 2 out on on Wii U and Steam, tomorrow on Xbox Live
It’s make or break time for Death INC
Respawn Entertainment to make an E3 appearance this year
Ah, so that’s why the first Crysis 3 level is so bad
Borderlands 2 – New character and DLC being worked on now
Trophy listings point to the next Dishonoured DLC, Other side of the coin
No cross play between PC and PS3 for Diablo 3


The best celebrity cameos in video games
Top 5 developers who should make an Aliens game
From dream to disaster – The story of Aliens: Colonial Marines
5 reasons why we’re still playing Red Dead Redemption


Screwattack Video Game Vault – Ultimate Stunt Man
Riot – Debut trailer
Ragnarok Odyssey – Man and Myth trailer

What’s on at The Movies

The Netflix season of Arrested Development will be the final Bluth family reunion
Hang out with Spidey in these new Amazing Spider-Man 2 pics
You’re going to need a bigger boat in this trailer for Kon Tiki
The rules are simple in this trailer for Eden

Model: Neon Lynxie

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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