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In Other News–28 January 2012

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Kate Upton

I’ve got to say, our national post office is getting ridiculous lately. I can easily count on several hands how many times I’ve had to go down to my local post office just to pick up a parcel, because writing a note for it takes two days, putting that note with the rest of the mail takes another day and getting that note to me only occurs on winter solstices when the planets are aligned with several constellations that foretell the coming of the package provided that a sacrifice has been made. It’s bloody slow, is what I’m saying. And now, I discover that another parcel of mine has been sitting up in Jozi now…for three weeks. Uuuuuurrgghhhh.

In Other News: Black Ops hits an Ollie, Zelda has a fancy book, Ni No Kuni addresses some conspiracy theories, Resident Evil has a horde to deal with in Siege mode, A shogun goes gold, Marvel movies get a Strange doctor and you can own a piece of Judge Dredd soon.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy cutting the population down to size.


Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC grind footage shows off skate park map
An EVE Online battle with 2800 players, in pictures
Killzone Mercenary appears on Polish game magazine cover
Total War Shogun 2 Gold Edition coming March 5
Black Ops 2 title update released for Xbox
Here’s your first look inside the glorious Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia Collector’s Edition
Resident Evil 6 siege mode DLC revealed, PC version gets The Mercenaries No Mercy mode
Ni No Kuni makers respond to wizard edition fiasco


Wrestling faces a long comeback after THQ’s bankruptcy
Help get a western release for Bravely Default
An alternative to achievements


Injustice Gods Among Us – Lex Luthor trailer
Impire – Metal trailer
Resident Evil 6 – Siege trailer

Across the Network

Own a piece of Dredd history today
Bradley Cooper in talks to get on the bike and the HGH for JJ Abram’s Lance Armstrong biopic
This trailer for the Coen Bros Inside Llewynn Davis wants to play you something
Here’s all your Screen Actor’s Guild awards 2013 winners
Phase 3 of the Marvel movie universe is about to get…Strange
Monday Box Office Report
I don’t know what’s happening to this pig in this first trailer for Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West
Disney makes it offic
ial – JJ Abrams is definitely directing the new Star Wars

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