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How do these Thursdays keep on sneaking up on me? The week is already almost over, and it’s practically rAge time. I really need to figure out what I’m going to wear – the guys are no help. But then, they don’t understand my hipster dress code woes. But at least I know what’s awesome in the indie gaming news of the week.

Neverending Nightmares, a psychological horror game inspired by the developer’s battles with OCD and depression reached its Kickstarter goal. Great news. However, he had quite something to say about people looking to Kickstarter and planning on porting games across a range of consoles:

It kinda worries me in general that if you look on Kickstarter, a lot of people are like ‘oh we’re doing Vita and PS4 and our kickstarter budget is like 30K’. And it’s like, you haven’t done console development before and you really don’t have an idea of how much money it’s going to take to do those things. It’s expensive. Because usually you need professional QA, you need dev kits, you need to write specific code for all the consoles involved blah blah blah.

It’s definitely something that I’ve been wondering about – people seem to just pick a number for Kickstarter and hope for the best. I haven’t seen a lot of evidence of project planning or management ahead of launching a Kickstarter. This is what then leads to all kinds of issues down the line. I think Kickstarter is a great way for ideas to get funding, but there needs to be all the planning ahead of time to make it viable.

Meanwhile, over on Steam, 32 new titles got the Greenlight. I like the idea of some of the games on the list, and it’s always nice to see games getting the go ahead on Steam.

However, not all great games come exclusively to Steam. Check out this awesome initiative – Not On Steam. Tons of indie games that you can pick up for a steal. I might have to cave and pick up Sokobond, that chemistry game I told you about. It’s hoping to get a Steam Greenlight, but in the meantime you can already buy it DRM-free for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Okay, enough of the international indie news! Local is lekker and rAge is giving us a chance to support some local indie developers. They will have their own stand at rAge, with opportunities for people to play and buy some really cool local games. Developers being represented at rAge include: Celestial Games(Toxic Bunny HD), Free Lives (Broforce), QCF Design(Desktop Dungeons), and Steven Tu (Bear Chuck). I know there will be tons of AAA titles and vibrating triggers to play with at rAge, but definitely take some time to give these indies a once over. Look out for the MakeGamesSA banner and you may find something new and different to fall in love with. I know I’m excited to play with Broforce and Wang Commander!

Yes, I’m going to get a t-shirt with a pile of penises from Wang Commander.

Finally, want to pick up some indie games in a bundle? Check out this awesome bundle from BundleStars – for just R50 you can get Sanctum, Dear Esther and eight other games. That’s R5 a game! Do it, do it now!

Last Updated: October 3, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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